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If you're after podcast hosting right now, not when this guy gets round to making some budget hosting, I'd have a look at Captivate (Referral link, feel free to delete the ref= bit!)

> Is it really unlimited?

Yes! Bandwidth can be obtained pretty cheaply these days. You're paying for storage, support, and development costs here

> Who are you?

I'm Cohan, I'm a web developer and Linux system administrator from the UK. If you want to have a dig about to see more of my waffling, my site is cohan.dev

> Why are you making this?

I want to put my own podcasts somewhere that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for no reason and has the features I want. Then figured other people might want the same too so made it multi-user

I want to use the best, most reliable, helpful, modern, integrated, automatable, white-labelled podcast hosting platform as much as you do!

> Got a privacy policy?

Serious business hat on. While this is a personal side project I'm running it fully in compliance with the GDPR, applying all the best security practices, happy to pay contractors when my skillsets reach their limits.

I'll have a privacy policy and ToS set up before full release but the gist is I want and will try to obtain as little information about you as possible. Email addresses will only be used as specified when you provided them (e.g. a mail list- only for that list, signup- only for transactional emails)

Outside of data needed to host a valid podcast feed (e.g podcast owner name, email) none of your data will be provided to any other person or entity without your express consent.

This site will let you know when any information you're providing is going to appear publicly in your podcast feed.

> So.. how's it going? Any updates?

A bit pre-alpha currently but hurtling towards an MVP state ready for testing live.

I post updates to the Hosted series in my dev log

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