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Your first 100 downloads are included in a $1 trial.
Pay nothing more until you’re up and running!

Podcast Hosting

Your episodes are hosted on a glorious CDN with endpoints all over the world.

Get your episode into your audience's ears in a snap.

Unlimited Shows

Got a few ideas? No worries. Start however many podcasts you want, same price per month.

None of this price-per-show business.

Bring Your Own Domain

You can of course use our fabulous domain name for your feeds, but maybe you'd prefer your own?

Advanced Features

Do you know what a webhook is? Maybe you've come across IFTTT and Zapier? Yeah we support those.

Standard nerd or just someone that likes to tinker? We have an API for you to play with too!

Podcast Hosting
Unlimited Podcasts
Bring your own domain
Teams / Networks-
Downloads per month*10,00025,000
Beta Pricing**$12/mo$24/moContact

* Additional downloads charged at $1 per 1000 downloads.
** Prices may change post-beta. If the price is lowered, you'll pay less. If raised, you'll be grandfathered in at rates when you signed up.

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Hey what's this $1 trial thing about?

When you sign up you'll be billed $1. This covers your first 100 downloads or 5 uploaded episodes, whichever comes first.

We wanted to it this way so that it's both feasible for us to do while not locking you in to a monthly contract before your podcast gets off the ground.

Sure we could do a free trial for 14 days or a month or something. But what if you haven't released the podcast yet? You'd have to start paying straight up. Here at Hosted we're firm believers of not rushing creative work. Take all the time you need to get that podcast sparkling and really ready to go before you start needing to think about paying for hosting!

Podcast Hosting

One of those "required" features! More specifically your episodes are hosted on a glorious CDN with endpoints all over the world. When a user grabs an episode, they'll get it from the nearest server. Get your episode into your audience's ears in a snap.

Just to mention, if you decide to leave the service you can specify your feed's new location and we'll serve up a redirect to it as long as exists. To also mention, we wont try guilt tripping you into sticking with us. If you want out, you want out.

Contact support if you get stuck moving away! Yes, we'll help! Your podcast will never be held hostage.


You may have heard of "IAB certified" analytics recently in the podcasting world. We're aiming for that. I have a copy of the guidelines printed off and looking all pretty with the amount of highlighting I've done!

If you need any second opinions, such as Podtrac, Chartable, etc it's easy as pie to add their tracking to your feed.

Unlimited Podcasts

Lets be honest, it doesn't really cost us more if your episodes are in the same podcast or split across 20. Why should it cost you more?

1 podcast? 5? 300? It's included in your plan.

Bring your own domain

We're happy to host your feed under our domain, but for future-proofing and domain recognition you can point a subdomain for your feed(s) such as to us and we'll serve them up there no problem.

Share a domain across your empire, or have a different one per podcast - both good choices.

Webhooks & API

This is an advanced feature so you may never utilize it, but if you do know what it is you're going to love this one. Fire a webhook when certain events happen. Such events include
A new episode goes liveSomeone fetches your podcast feedSomeone downloads an episode
In addition, anything you can see or do in your dashboard is available to you via API. Got an inhouse CMS you want to integrate with? No problem.

What can you do with this data? Your imagination's the limit. Build your own in-house analytics platform, auto-post new episodes to Twitter, spam up a slack channel with download pings. You name it, you can probably do it.

Teams / Network

Not running a solo operation? Allow access to your feeds to others on your team. Limit members to performing certain actions - For example set up a user that can check analytics, but can't delete your entire podcast.


Our branding appears nowhere on your podcast. Not in URLs, not in source code, not anywhere. We'll work with your IT team to set this up to work completely under your own domain.

Downloads per month

This might be the bit that you're interested in hearing about. It's the one thing that alters your monthly bill after all.

Each month you've got 10,000 downloads included in your plan. If you go over that in a month $1 is billed for every 1,000 additional downloads.

You'll receive an email before any additional charges are applied. This is sent out when you reach the 80% mark for your included quota.

Be assured we'll never cut you off because you got too popular. If you suddenly find yourself internet famous and facing an upcoming bill you can't handle please do get in touch with support. We do this because we love the podcasting ecosystem, we can definitely work something out!