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Podcast hostingSoon
Unlimited podcastsSoon
Bring your own domainSoon
Webhooks / Zapier / IFTTTSoon
Downloads per month12,000

Additional downloads priced at $1 per 1,000 downloads.
A download is counted as we would in your analytics. For example a bot crawling your episodes is not counted towards this limit.

The Mission

Hosted exists to be the podcast host I want. A platform that makes podcasting easy, but also makes it possible to get all of the information you need to run your shows. If you want to host everything from your episodes to your podcast website with us - no problem, if you just want to use us as the back-end storage for your podcast empire and interact with Hosted via your own bespoke system - no problem.

We want to run a business that is strong, reliable, secure. You need to know that if you upload an episode now it'll still be available 5, 10, 20 years from now (Assuming you didn't delete it!). As a company Hosted aims to provide a level of service that is the best out there - we want to prove this to you primarily by being truly honest and transparent.

Our pricing is determined by the cost of the underlying services to us. Storage, bandwidth, processing, development, support, and a little bit of profit to invest into the future.

We believe that our costs are not determined per-podcast but per-episode. For this reason you can create as many podcasts as you like - you pay the account base rate and only when your shows take off does this price increase in any way. Overage pricing is our direct costs plus a bit to cover support and maintenance.

Employees and contractors of Hosted are treated fairly, paid healthily, and recognised as individuals. We're a company comprised of people and we understand those that work for us need to be treated just as well as any customer.

We differ from our competitors by being open - both in terms of our behind the scenes and in the data we give our podcasters access to. We're also quick and nimble and aim to stay that way. The company will be built from the ground up to be able to move quickly, and we want to be able to add cool new features when they're ready rather than after they've been through 5 layers of red tape. Our competitors have grown, and in turn have grown slow. We don't want to end up like that.

Our core philosophy is transparency. Of course your data is always yours and will never be shared with anyone without express permission, but Hosted as a company is completely open and transparent. If we mess up, we'll tell you what happened. If there's anything you want to know about Hosted that we don't already share, ping a message to support.

Thank you

We'll be in touch when beta access opens up!

In the meantime you can follow along at Building Hosted!